Our Story


In 2012 my husband and I became parents for the first time to our beautiful, oldest girl. We now have four children, two girls and two boys. During that time I have also found and fallen in love with leather jewelry. Have you ever worn it? Bracelets and earrings alike, it's so lightweight it's wonderful.

Our oldest girl loves to accessorize as much as I do, but much of my jewelry was either too big or too heavy for her to wear. My husband looked at me one day, after my long negotiation with my daughter about what jewelry of mine she could and couldn't wear, and said, "Let's make our own!" So we did and we love it so much, we know others will too!

Since we knew a big focus would be creating accessories for children, as well as adults, we wanted to incorporate our children in the name of our business. Our son was nicknamed by his older sister. She couldn't say his whole name, since she was only 20 months when he was born. So she called him "I." And "I" has two sisters. So "Sisters & I Designs" was established. Of course when our second son was born we picked an "I" name too. Four children has put us on a wonderful journey. We are excited for this business to part of our journey too!